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A series of jointing profiles for cladding in differing conditions.
    Description   Code   Colours   Length   Pack

2-Part Joint (Male)

Allows the cladding to be nailed into position before fitting the female section in a clip-fit action.


W / B / M / O / R

  5m   5
  2-Part Joint (Female)   C052   W   5m   5
  Centre Joint   C033   W   5m   5
    Joint Covers                

  The spacers at the back of the Joint Cover will automatically provide the required 4mm expansion gap.                
  100mm Shiplap   C042   W       10
  150mm Shiplap   C043   W       10
100mm Open V C281 W   10
  150mm Open V   C044   W       10
  125mm TeeGee/Feather Edge   C057   W       10
Colours - White (W), Mahogany (M), Light Oak (O), Rosewood (R), Black (B)      Manufacturers - Swish BP, Summit BP
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