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Contractors Silicone
310ml Cartridge

Fast curing, durable & flexible low modulus neutral cure silicone sealant offering high movement accomodation and excellent adhesion to most building materials. Typically used for perimeter sealing of doors and windows, and construction movement joints.

Conformance: ISO11600-F-20LM
Colours: White, Translucent, Brown, Black


Contractors Silicone
310ml Cartridge

Low modulus acetoxy silicone sealant that cures to form a flexible, durable rubber like seal that has good movement accomodation and strong adhesion to glazed surfaces, many plastics and other building materials. Suitable for use in movement and expansion joints and as a perimeter sealant.

Conformance: ISO11600-F-12.5E
Colours: White, Translucent, Brown, Black, Light Oak



Lead Flashing Sealant
310ml Cartridge

Premium quality sealant with good movement accomodation developed specially to seal lead flashing into brick, stone and concrete chasings.

Conformance: ISO11600-F-25LM
Colour: Lead Grey


Acrylic Sealant
310ml & 380ml Cartridges

Gap filler & decorators caulk. A one-part flexible emulsion joint sealant providing an economic solution for low movement joints. Can be painted and papered over once cured. Contains a fungicide to prevent mould growth. Typically used for repairing, filling and sealing cracks & gaps in plasterwork. Can be used externally if allowed to cure before exposure to rain & water.

Conformance: ISO11600-G-12.5P
Colour: White, Cream (Special colours available on request)


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