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A full range of corners, joints and trims for the Internal Cladding range of internal panels.
  Description   Code   Length   Pack  
  End Cap (White)   DC18104PK   2.7m   10  

End Cap (Black)







  End Cap (Ivory)   DC18103PK   2.7m   10  
  External Corner (White)   DC17104PK   2.7m   10  
  External Corner (Black)   DC17117PK   2.7m   10  
  External Corner (Ivory)   DC17103PK   2.7m   10  
Multipurpose Trim (White) DC19104PK 2.7m 10  
  Multipurpose Trim (Black)   DC19117PK   2.7m   10  
  Multipurpose Trim (Ivory)   DC19103PK   2.7m   10  
  Joint (White)   DC20104PK   2.7m   10  
  Cornice (White)   DC57104PK   2.7m   10  
  95mm Skirting (White)   DC21195PK   2.7m   10  
  Gold Decorative Strip*   DC27026PK   2.7m   10  
  Silver Decorative Strip*   DC27027PK   2.7m   10  
*Decorative Strips are NOT suitable for use in shower enclosures.
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