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Internal Cladding internal wall panels fit together with simple tongue and groove edges that form a waterproof joint.
Width - 250mm   Description   Code   Panel Style/Fit   Length   Pack
  Black Sienna*   DC26314  


  2.6m   12
  Romano Beige*   DC26274   Flat/Flush   2.6m   12

Inari Grey*









  Inari Blue*   DC26087   Flat/Flush   2.6m   12
  Alba Grey   DC26083   Flat/Flush   2.6m   12
  Prestige Black   DC94017   Flat/Close V   2.6m   16
  Dark Blue Marble   DC94045   Flat/Close V   2.6m   16
  Green Marble   DC94030   Flat/Close V   2.6m   16
  Peach Marble   DC94087   Flat/Close V   2.6m   16
Grey Marble DC85053 Flat/Close V 2.6m 16
  Beige Marble   DC85064   Flat/Close V   2.6m   16
  Maple   DC85A33   Flat/Close V   2.6m   16
  White Wood   DC260L6   2 Plank/Close V   2.6m   12
Width - 375mm                    
  Beige Marble Tile   DC80028   Flat/Flush   2.6m   12
  Small Blue Mosaic   DC26005   Flat/Flush   2.6m   12
  Small Beige Mosaic   DC26003   Flat/Flush   2.6m   12
  Beige Patchwork   DC80033   Flat/Flush   2.6m   12
    Plain White   DC84096   Flat/Flush   2.6m   12
*These designs accept gold and silver decorative strips to form distinct highlights between panels. See Trims & Inserts.
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